Turning a new leaf


Fitting title for a first post, don’t you think? This WordPress site is all new to me and trying to customize everything seems like a daunting task. Oh well, I think it looks decent for now.

I’m pretty nervous about starting in a new blogging community. I was in my other one for so long, met so many wonderful people (some I still talk to on a regular basis) and had so much invested in it. But I think it was time to start somewhere new. Somewhere, where no one knows who I am on a personal level and in turn can use what I write here for malicious intent.

I’ve been trying to journal more, but that’s still not enough for me. Plus, anyone who comes into my house could easily have access to it.

For so long, I’ve been an open book to everyone. My whole life has been put under the microscope because of the content that was shared through my other blog. I let so many people in, and it’s proven to blow up in my face. There’s a reason why I have so little friends, because it’s hard for me to trust anyone with anything.

I’ve always been like that. And I always end up saying this same shit every single time. That’s my problem. I let people in too easily. I want to trust everyone, but it turns out, I can count on one hand how many people in my life haven’t used me, defeated me, hurt me or walked all over me.

So, as for an introductory post, this is about all I’ve got. There’s so many things to write about in my life currently, but I’ll create a different post for that. I can’t wait to see what this site has to offer me and I’m hoping I can make new friends.

~Peace & Love ~ KitKat